Our Story


The Rubicon Trail.

Our family was raised near the Rubicon Trail, and consider it a valued treasure. Many, many trips on the famous trail taught us the importance of quality Jeep parts. We've developed many brands and products over the decades, like Superior Axle & Gear, Alloy USA, TEN Factory and now CARBON Off Road, part of our new group at Off Road Brands, Inc.


Testing. Testing. Testing.

We started testing, reviewing and selling Jeep parts in 1985 and have ten of thousands of off road testing miles. Now the next generation of our family is  ready to manufacture our own line of Rubicon Tested products.


Welcome to the NEW Rubicon Tested.

We specialize in high quality Jeep parts for trail rigs. Functional, engineered parts to make your Jeep perform better. Sold Direct to you to Save You Money!